• Stórt Strik

    • Stórt strik - for two

      • Surf 'n' turf
        Beef tartar, langoustine, truffle mayo
      • Langoustine maki
        Spring onion, red bell pepper & chili mayo
      • Arctic char “pizza”
        Cured arctic char, crunchy goyza, pickled beetroots, goat cheese & pesto
      • Beef tataki
        Cauliflower puree & pickled pearl onion
      • Beef slider
        Homemade baobread, sriraca mayo, pickled red onion & pickled fennel
      • Lamb sticks & truffle ponzu
        Leg of lamb “confit” & crispy brick
      9,990 kr.
    • The perfect combo

    • The perfect combo

      • Langoustine Sushi - Two rolls
        Red bell pepper, spring onion & chilli mayo,
      • Sweet chips and chilli mayo
      5,990 kr.

      20% discount
      of other dishes on the menu

      Orders by phone +354 462-7100
      Stórt strik must be ordered before 16:00 to be delivered the same evening.
      We encourage people to order in time