Bunch of Brunch

Come to us for a brunch

Brunch so good you want a bunch!

The dishes that await you at Bunch of Brunch are diverse and nutritious, such as JFC 2.0, deep-fried Icelandic potatoes, salmon ceviche, and pancakes. All dishes are prepared on-site with high-quality fresh ingredients, ensuring you get the best tasting experience possible.


Every Saturday and Sunday between 12:00-14:00


5.990 kr. per person (Two dishes at once, drinks not included) - children 5 years and younger pay 1⁄2 price.

See you at brunch!

Strikið Classic


Soya, sesam & sriracha

Deepfried icelandic potatoes

Truffleoil, herbs, kimchi mayo & spring onion

French fries & chili mayo


Sweet potato fries & chili mayo


Bunch of buns

JFC 2.0

Deepfried chickenwings, chili sauce & blue cheese dip

American pancakes & blueberries

Maple syrup

Slowcooked and pulled chicken in hirata

Salad, Teriyaki, kimchi mayo & spring onion

Pulled beef in hirata

Pickled fennel, salad, kimchi mayo & spring onion

Poached egg & bacon

Bacon, poached egg, pancake, onion, hollandaise

Cured salmon

Blini, yogurt dressing, hollandaise & tobiko

Deepfried cod cheeks

Asian salad, kimchi mayo & spring onion

Baby back ribs with asian spices

Asian salad

Salmon ceviche

Pineapple, cantaloupe, coriander & onion

Sushi & Raw Stuff

Beef tataki

Cauliflower puree & pickled pearl onion


Herbs, sesam & truffle mayo

Langoustine maki

Langoustine tempura, spring onion & chili mayo

Surf n turf roll “my style”

Langoustine, beef tartar, truffla mayo & crispy garli

Chicken avocado roll

Deepfried chicken, dates, avocado & sesame seeds

Salmon ceviche

Pineapple, cantaloupe, coriander & onion


These prices stand between 12:00 - 14:00 while Bunch of Brunch is ongoing.
Draft Beer
1.000 kr.
1.000 kr.
Prosecco glass
1.000 kr.
Prosecco bottle
5.500 kr.
Strawberry collins
1.900 kr.
Apperol Spritz
1.900 kr.
Irish coffee
1.500 kr.


Orange brownie & berry sauce
Vanillu ice cream
Icelandic pancakes

Caramel & white chocolate cream

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