Take Away

Good at home too

Can we offer you gourmet take-away?

Now you can enjoy our dishes at home. We offer a fantastic discount of 20% off all items on our menu for takeout.

You can simply call 462-7100 to order Take Away. If you want to order ‘Big Strik’, you need to place your order before 4:00 PM to receive same-day pickup.

We have created an exceptional experience for you and your loved ones with our new Take Away menu. From lobster sushi to salmon pizza, we have something that will undoubtedly suit you.

Get your meal now from Strikið Take Away. Thank you for choosing us!

Big Strik

Take-away special for two

  • Surf n’ turf sushi
    Beef tartar, langoustine, truffle mayo
  • Langoustine maki
    Spring onion, red bell pepper & chili mayo
  • Arctic char “pizza”
    Cured arctic char, crunchy goyza, pickled beetroots, goat cheese & pesto
  • Beef tataki
    Cauliflower puree & pickled pearl onion
  • Beef-Cheek & Kimchi in Hirata
    Marinated red onions, pickled fennel, kimchi salad, and kimchi mayo
  • Arabic spice lamb
    Papadum, yuzu yogurt, dates jam & tomatoes

9.990 kr.

The Perfect Combo

  • Langoustine Sushi – Two rolls
    Red bell pepper, spring onion & chili mayo.

  • Sweet chips and chilli mayo

6.500 kr.

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