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Noon is a sacred time on the schedule of most Icelanders. But what’s better than enjoying food at a lower price while taking a break from work or travel?

In the past year, we have offered incredible deals at lunchtime. Here are our favorite dishes that are at a lower price during lunch: lobster sushi, grilled salmon, chicken burger, beet burger, tiger prawn salad, fish & chips, and much more.

But that’s not all. We also have a “happy hour” when drinks are at a lower price. This includes red wine, white wine, and beer of the day.

Come and enjoy a welcoming environment with a beautiful view. This is a great opportunity to get together with friends or family and taste these delicious dishes at a lower price.


Grilled wolffish

Pumpkin risotto, parma ham, tomato pesto, balsamic glace & grilled asparagus

3.290 kr.
Grilled beef rump tail

Pumpkin risotto, roasted cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, tomato pesto & flaky sea salt.

3.290 kr.
Roasted tomato spaghetti (V)

Roasted tomato sauce, grilled asparagus, garlic, basil & parsley

3.000 kr.

Mozzarella, tapenade, parma ham, rocket salad, basil, cherry tomatoes, balsamic glace, fries & truffle mayo.

3.000 kr.
Spaghetti Carbonara

Bacon, cream, parmesan, black pepper, egg yolk, garlic bread & parsley

3.000 kr.

Strikið Classic

Langoustine sushi

Langoustine tempura, spring onion, bell pepper & chili mayo

3.000 kr.
Fish and chips

Catfish tempura, dill, shallot, capers, french fries & chili mayo

3.000 kr.
Grilled beefburger

Salad, pickles, bacon-jam, danish hamburgersauce, tomatoes, american cheese & fries.

3.000 kr.


Sticky orange brownie

Lemon-white chocolate mousse, strawberry coulis, berries, pop rocks & vanilla ice cream.

2.590 kr.

Happy Hour

Cocktail of the day
1.700 kr.
Draft beer
900 kr.
Glass of white wine
900 kr.
Glass of red wine
900 kr.
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